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Eliminating Spider Veins With Laser

Some people may think that spider veins are dead or defunct veins, but that’s not true. They are in fact patent working veins. Spider veins can be described as small abnormally dilated blood vessels. To test whether a vein is ‘dead’ or not, gently push on it. It...

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Avoid Sugar for Youthful Skin

Sugar "Ages" The Skin We often concentrate our efforts to achieve beautiful skin on external treatments: topical beauty serums, laser treatments, facials, makeup, etc. But equally important is the internal treatment of the skin – metabolic processes that either damage...

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Treating Toenail Fungus

A Comprehensive Approach for Best Success Fungal infections of the toenails are estimated to affect about 14% of the population of North America. Toenail fungus is unsightly, often embarrassing, sometimes painful, and very persistent. Laser therapy, which kills the...

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TATTOO REMOVAL? Help your body detox the ink!

Continuing on in my discussion of what tattoo ink is made of, what happens to it when it is “removed” with a laser, and what the possible health ramifications are, I now turn to the subject of detoxification.Why should you consider undergoing a detoxification program...

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