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Peel Treatments will help you achieve a radiant, clear complexion and boost the effects of your skin care. Chemical peels work to remove dull top layers, clogged with oils and dead skin, to reveal healthy-looking skin. Each peel system helps improve the appearance of problem/ photo aged skin by deeply cleansing pores while smoothing the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Visible downtime or discomfort is minimal with these professional peels. After the treatment, we suggest using the Epionce Skin Barrier Repair Kit for 3-5 days. Patients can expect any peeling to be completed by day 10.

Epionce Lite Refresh

Lite Peel: Refresh (pH 2.9) this is an ideal treatment for clients that are new to peels, who want a lighter exfoliation or a booster add-on treatment with no down time. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin (Fitzpatrick I-VI). It leaves the skin smoother, more radiant and less congested.

Epionce Sal-e

Lipophilic Sal-e formula (pH 2.7) penetrates and cleans out pores to encourage cell turnover. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties improve skin clarity and texture. Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract refine pores, improve radiance and reduce acne symptoms. Suitable for all skin types, Fitzpatrick I-V.

Epionce Mal-e

Use of Mal-e (pH 0.7) reduces problem bacteria, enhances skin hydration and brightness while encouraging cell turnover with minimal exfoliation. This treatment is ideal for patients with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, visible signs of aging and acne. Suitable for all skin types, Fitzpatrick I-V.

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Express Facial

A great way for new patients to be introduced to Epionce skin care. The Express facial is a very light, refreshing facial that can be added on to any laser treatment.

Rejuvenation Facial

A European-style facial with an emphasis on deep cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration. By delivering light-heat energy to the skin, the laser superheats the water in the bulk skin tissue and stimulates the formulation of new collagen in the dermis. This treatment leads to skin tightening, pore reduction, tone and texture improvement.

Clarifying Acne Facial

Acne Vulgaris is caused when pores become clogged and then infected with the p. acnes bacteria. This deep cleansing facial will help loosen debris for extractions and is ideal for oily/problem skin. The laser light heats up the affected area to effectively kill the p. acnes bacteria while also helping to shrink the sebaceous glands, which will cause them to produce less sebum, limiting future break out and reducing pore size.

Corrective Brightening Facial

Visibly improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, unwanted dark spots, and discoloration. High power laser energy heats the melanocytes (pigment) quickly for higher clearance. It also penetrates much deeper into the dermis, affecting both deep and superficial layers of melanin to provide better clearance.

Cleansing Back Treatment

For those hard to reach areas. This treatment combines deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and laser energy to clean up the congested skin on the back.

Custom Laser Facial

A European-style facial with an emphasis on a custom protocol for each patient’s skin concerns. The light-heat energy from the laser benefits the skin simultaneously through improving skin tone, breaking down pigment and vascular dyschromia. As well as: active acne improvement, less oily skin and a reduction of unwanted hair.

Redness Reduction Facial

This facial treatment, performed without steam, is designed to help calm and soothe sensitive, reactive or inflamed skin. It helps reduce inflammation and restore the skin’s barrier. Rosacea is a very common condition of diffuse redness in the facial skin, but the affected area sometimes also contains small broken capillaries and larger facial vessels. The laser energy heats up the excessive oxyhemoglobin in the skin allowing for the body’s natural healing process to absorb the vessels.

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