What do patients love about truSculpt 3D?

There’s a reason truSculpt 3D is quickly becoming the go-to noninvasive fat removal procedure for our Portland patients and anyone interested in eliminating fat and tightening skin. Older methods including coolsculpting may mirror some of the benefits of truSculpt 3D, but they miss out on one of the most important.

truSculpt 3D tightens skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and scars.

One of the earliest adopters of Cutera’s newest RF aesthetic treatment device says, “Should the patient be willing to undergo 1 or 2 treatments post-surgery for skin tightening with truSculpt 3D, it is easier to avoid surgery scars.”

This multi-purpose treatment option improves skin laxity and tightens skin in areas that coolsculpting cannot even be used including the neck, chin, cheeks, and collar bone.

truSculpt 3D Patient Testimonial 1

How deeply does RF penetrate for fat reduction, loss, and removal?

One of the reasons truSculpt 3D is so much more effective than cryotherapy, laser, and ultrasound devices is the way in which it works. truSculpt 3D devices operate at a 1 and 2 MHz frequency. This allows the device to penetrate deeper into the skin, heating fat to a temperature that is greater than 1-degree Celsius than the skin covering it.

The graph below shows the difference in temperature between the skin being treated (the pink line) and the fat below the skin being treated (the orange lines at 7mm and 15mm) respectively. As you can see, the skin remained significantly cooler than the subcutaneous fat. This makes nonsurgical fat removal painless for Portlanders.

What kind of results did patients achieve?

Each of the 12 patients in the study experienced a statistically significant reduction to fat thickness in the flanks and abdomen. This was verified before, during, and post-treatment using ultrasound diagnostic scanning.

The study also found that skin laxity and quality had improved for individual patients. Over 80% of the patients in the study also experienced a greater than 25% reduction in fat thickness for every treatment area.

truSculpt 3D Patient Testimonial 2

What does a truSculpt 3D treatment in Portland feel like?

  • Patients typically describe the procedure as a comfortable and relaxing one, comparing the heat generated by the truSculpt 3D glide application device to a hot stone massage.

  • It takes 2 minutes for the application device to heat up, and the procedure is so efficient that 4 complete areas can be fully treated in the span of a single hour.

  • The most common side effect is slight redness to the treated areas. There is no downtime and the procedure is non-invasive.

  • A 25% reduction in fat thickness is typically achieved after just a single session.